Pre Evaluation procedure

Master's degree programmes taught in Italian

Students wishing to enrol in a Master's degree programme taught in Italian can request a preliminary evaluation to check if they meet the academic requirements.

Entry requirements to master's degree programmes are specified in the call for applications to each master's degree
- master's degree programmes with no fixed number of places
- master's degree programmes with fixed number of places.

The evaluation procedure can be completed by e-mail:
In the e-mail message you must attach:

  • Certificate(s) of degree(s) awarded. If the degree is not be completed the expected date of graduation
  • List of examinations passed with marks and dates
  • List of any examinations yet to be taken
  • A complete academic transcript indicating the subjects of study
  • Curriculum vitae
  • A supporting letter, indicating the reasons for the choice of the course of study and of the University and any other relevant skills requiring evaluation (e.g. computer skills, language skills, work experience, etc.)
  • Any other certificates, letters of recommendation and references from teachers, etc.

The Commission will assess all the certificates and documents submitted.

- If the information supplied is considered to be complete as of 18 July 2016, it will be possible to submit an official request for assessment on the website
- If, however, the information supplied is considered to be incomplete, the applicants will be shown how to fill in the gaps.

For further information, please write to: