Master's Degree Programmes

To join a Master's degree programme you must have a first-cycle degree. A master's degree lasts 2 years. To achieve a master's degree students are required to write and discuss a dissertation.

The following is a list of Master's degree programmes offered at Unimore arranged according to disciplinary areas.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Master's Degrees
Accesso Libero Advertising, digital communication and creative business processes [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Anthropology and history of the contemporary world [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Economics and law in business and public administration [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Economics and public policy [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Financial analysis, consulting and management [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero General management and consulting [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero International management [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Labour relations [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Languages for communication in international enterprises and organizations [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Languages, cultures, communication [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Management and business communication [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Pedagogy [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Philosophy [ Modena ]


Master's Degrees
Accesso Programmato Nursing and midwifery sciences [ Reggio Emilia ]


Master's Degrees
Accesso Libero Chemical sciences [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Computer sciences [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Geological sciences and technologies [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Mathematics [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Physics [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Quaternary, prehistory and archeology [ Modena ]


Master's Degrees
Accesso Libero Experimental and applied biology [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Food safety and control [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Industrial biotechnologies [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Medical biotechnologies [ Modena ]


Master's Degrees
Accesso Libero Civil engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Computer engineering [ Modena ]
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Electronic engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Engineering for environmental sustainability [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Management engineering [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Materials engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Mechanical engineering [ Modena ]
Accesso Libero Mechatronics engineering [ Reggio Emilia ]
Accesso Libero Vehicle engineering [ Modena ]