Fees and Scholarships

Before deciding on a degree program, it is important to estimate how much academic life will cost you. For this, you have to take into account tuition fees, living expenses in the city of Modena or Reggio Emilia, and whether or not you think you will be eligible for a scholarship and/or student benefits.

You contribute to the cost of your education by paying tuition. The amount you pay depends on the degree course you choose. Tuition costs per academic year are approximately as indicated in the table below (to see how degree programs are organized, see the Degree Structure page).

Tuition fees

Degree programmes Fees per academic year
Bachelor's programmes (Lauree) min. €660 - max. €1,800
Bachelor's programmes in Dental Hygiene min. €1,100 - max. €2,300
Master's programmes (Lauree magistrali) min. €660 - max. €2,000
Single-cycle master's degree programmes (Lauree magistrali a ciclo unico) min. €660 - max. €1,950
Single-cycle master's degree programme in Dental medicine min. €800 - max. €3,200
Doctoral research programmes (Dottorati di ricerca) min. €450 - max. €1,500
Specialisation Schools min. €900 - max. €1,700
Vocational master programmes (Master di I livello) min. €1500 - max. €5,000
Advanced master programmes (Master di II livello) min. €1500 - max. €5,000

Each year, tuition and fees must be paid in four installments:

  1. the first installment at the time of registration;
  2. the second installment before 30 November;
  3. the third installment before 28 February.
  4. the fourth installment before 30 April (extraordinarily for the academic year 2019-2020 to 30 June).

Penalties are charged in case of late payments.

UNIMORE offers you reductions in tuition according to your financial situation. If you are interested in a reduction you must submit a financial-aid application. If you meet the requirements, you will be entitled to a reduction or, in some cases, be exempted from payment of other installments.

While enrolled at UNIMORE, students are entitled to insurance for personal accidents and third party liability. Third party liability insurance is also valid for medical students working in hospitals.


You can apply for the following:

  1. A scholarship with total exemption from tuition fees;
  2. A reduction of tuition (for those not eligible for total exemption).

The rules and requirements for submitting the application are contained in the Bando Benefici per il Diritto allo Studio (Notice of Benefits for Entitlement to Study) published by ER.GO

Students who apply for a scholarship are required to submit a declaration, translated into Italian by the Embassy or Consulate, containing the following:
- members of your family;
- income of family members
- total assets of family members.

Following the first year of study, the scholarship will be renewed if the student completes a set number of university credits